Vista Ridge Dental Arts Studio

Where professional care and personal attention are our priorities.

Here at Vista Ridge Dental Arts Studio, we have a dedicated team of friendly and caring professionals headed by our dentist, Amy Moody, DDS. Read on to learn a bit more about our experienced staff.


It’s our goal to assist every patient in the prevention of dental disease. Our team identifies needs and provides practical solutions—on an individual basis—to decrease the incidence of tooth decay and gum disease. Learn some strategies to help prevent dental decay or find out more about periodontal gum disease.

Qualified Dentist

Vista Ridge Dental Arts Studio’s philosophy is to create balance between preventive care and treatment for all patients.

We offer a gentle approach to dentistry.


After identifying your needs, we want to make sure we answer any questions you may have. Plus, we’re happy to provide estimates to assist you in your decisions and financial planning. It’s all about finding ways to make your dental treatments more effective.

Periodontal Treatment

We provide a periodontal evaluation for each adult patient and initial treatment for early periodontal disease—including preventive strategies tailored to your specific needs. Our dental hygienists have years of experience in periodontal treatment and disease prevention. If your periodontal disease does not respond to treatment, we will refer you to a periodontal specialist.
Where Professional Care and Personal Attention are our Priorities

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